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programming-memes, developer-memes, software-memes, code-memes, tech-memes, design-memes, program-memes, server-memes, aws-memes, graphs-memes, test-memes, loc-memes, machine-memes, command-memes, version-memes, data-memes, apple-memes, ios-memes, forms-memes, rest-memes, object-memes, ssl-memes, session-memes, cli-memes, network-memes, IT-memes, rds-memes, edge-memes, sass-memes, component-memes, ecli-memes, atom-memes, ide-memes, mac-memes, bot-memes, documentation-memes, source code-memes, mining-memes, ssh-memes, cs-memes, public-memes, product-memes, graph-memes, udp-memes |

[text] The GINU Genaral Puoic Licens i a e copyet cansa for scfvara and oner Kinds of Works.Th lcanses forostSOyarb and oier practcal warks are designed t ake away your r86dom 0 Share and change e Works. By contast he GIU Genaral PUDIC License s ntande 1o guaraniae your f19ecom 1o e and change allversons of program1o make sure amains r2a Soware for al s users We he Free Software Foundation Us e GNU Genaral PUDIC Licensa for most f our sofware 1 2pplies a1 any oher work r6asad T way b s QInors. You ca apply 0 your pIOGrams 00 When we speai of e Sofvare we ararfering 1 raedom ot price. Our Ganeral PublcLiconses aro dosigned 10 mak suro hat you Nave e r6egom 0 SO copes of 190 SOware and charo fof e I you wis hat you 1ecave SouICe Cog or can gt 1 You Want 1 tal yo can change the Sofhware or Use places o w100 pograims and that you KNOw You can do 0 ngs.To DIt you Tghis we Noed 1 provent others from denying you these ights o asking you 1 Surrendor he rights. Therefore you have coria responSIiies I you cSTDuLS Copis of e Sofiar f I you mody I 10SpoNSIINES 0 1aSpact he roodom o oners.For Xampio 1 you dIToute Caples of SUCh program whathar Qrats o fr a 10 You st pass.on f 1 recpents he same raedoms that you receNed. You must make Suro tha hey 05 6c0o or can ot he SauTc cog. AT you MU Show hem theso tams S0 hey know thl ghis Devolopers that use the GNU GPL protec your ighs Wi o steps 1 asert copyrigh on e Softvare and 2 fer you this Licenso ghig you legalpermission 0 copy. it andir Moty ILFor thedevelopers ana auors protecton e GPL cloarly explais tat ther i no warrant for i roe Sofwaro. For boh users and aurssake 1o GPL requies hat modified vrsions bo marked as changed 5o 1at e problems wil ol o atbuted erfoneausly 0 QUOTS ofpreVuS Versions.SOe devices are desgned 1 dary users acess 0 nstal o run modlied versions of the soware i hem akhough he manufacturer can do s Tis I fungamentaly Icompati wilh e aim of profocing USers eedom 1 chango tho Sotware. Th SySTeMAL pater of Such abuso OCCU 1 he area o OBUCS 0r nAGuals 1 Use WAIC I procisely where I s most unacceptabl. Thersore wo have designad tis version of the GPL 10 pronDi the pracic for 050 pIogucs. I such problms i substantal n tner domalns we stand ready 1 exiend I pIOVIn 10 Tose Gomalns n e versons o e GPL a5 n6eGeg 0 protect i froedom of users. Finaly every program i iveatenod constanty by sofviar patents. Siates SPoul ot allow patents t rsirit dovelopmant and use of OMTWaro on GenGraluIpOS COMPUIBS bt 13 thatdo we wish 0 avold he specia danr hat patents appled a 100 pogFaim CouIG mak I efactivaly ropretary.To prevent s o GPL aSsures nat atents cannot be Used 10 191der he program nonroe. T precis forms and conGtionsfo copying csttbuton and moifcatin folow.TERMS AND CONDITIONS0. Defnflons.This Lizense refors 0 version 3 o e GNU Genaral PUbIcLicanse Gopyighalso means copyrignt ke aws that apply 1 ciher Kids of WOrks Such as Somiconductr masks.Tno Progra efers o any copyrightadle work Icensed unde i Licanso Each icansoe s adoressed 35 Yo Licansees and TecipIaN may be ndvidual o organizatons. To moGly Work means 0 Gapy fom or adagt all or par of he Work In 2SIon 15QuITng CGpyTIG PaFISSon. har than 1 maiing of an exact ogy. Tha 1SUIING Work 1 Caled 3 moiad Vrsian o he Garlar vk or 3 Wik Dased on he carler Work.ACoVered WOrk means GiNar the Unocifed ProGram o WorK 5asad o the PIogram.To ropagale 3 Work means fo o anyInng Wi L ha winout pmISion. Woula MaKe You aiFGe1Y of Sacondarly e or Igomant Under 3ppicable copyght 1 S4capt exBcutig It on a Compuiarof moclfyng priva copy. Propagato ncuges copyig strbuton wih or wihout moGficaton making avaiate 0 he pUDIC and n Some counies oiher actis as el To Canvey a work mears an kg f propagatio tha anables o parles t maka or 0coIvo copes. Mare Infraction i a user Trough a Computar NotOTK I N0 ansfer of a Copy i ot Comveying AN ntracive user inioiaco ispays Appropriate Logal Nolces 1 tho extent iat ncludes a convenlent and prominentl usioe featufo tht 1 dislays an appropiiate capyriht noice and 2 ol he usor tha Inere i no vartanty o o ok BXCept 1 tho extent tat wartantos aro provded at 1cansoss may Conveythe workUnde Il Liconso and Tow 10 view a copy o s Liconso. o ntrtace presents s of usar commands or pioNs Such as men a prominant fom n th Ist macts hs cerion 1. Source Codo.The 50U Code or Work moans 1 preferrad 01 of the work 0r making modiicaons o 1. bl code Means any nonS0uIce fom of a Work A Siandard Interace means an nteraco that aihor ks an oficlal tandard dofined by a recognized standards booy. o1 he caso of nfriaces specied or paricuar programming anguage ono tat i widel Used aMONg ABVeIopors wCIKIng Inthat anguageTne Sysiom LIbrariesof an axocutable work Iniuoe anything Giher than he wark as a whole that s Is Included in the nomalform of packaging a Malor Companent but which s ot art o hat Major Gompone and o srves only 1 enabie uso o he Wk wih iat Maor Componant o 0 mplment a Standard Inferiace for which an mplemantalon s avaable o ho pUBI n SourCo c00e form. AMalor COMponent In his cotexi means a major ossental componet kerhe Window sysiom and 50 0n of he spacic operating syste 1 any on which he executable work runs o a complar used f BIoGCe he work or a Gbjactcodo Intarpraterused 1 ru i The CortesponCINg SOUITe for Work i abjoct cog form means all the Source codo nieedd 1 Gonerate sal and 0f an eXeCLIo W un he Gojoctcod and fo madity o wor Including Scrps t conTo hose Scvles. Howver 1 G0es ot Incuge e works System LIares o genarakpurpose 100 or Genaral avalabe 1o programs WhIch are Used LnmaGied In peroming ToSe aCIVIIGS U WHLGN a1 ot partof 1 WCrK. Fo Gxampie Cortsponding SOUTCe NCLGES Iiarace eTnlon fIos assocated W SouIca 1es for e work and tha oo oo for snared braries nd aynamically Inked SUDPHOFaS hat he Work s Specticaly sgned 2 12qre uch as by NLMate Gala comMUNCan or Conrlflow BEXWBEN TH0sa SUDPIGGTAMS and OIr pats of tha Work. TN CorT2Sponding SOuIc N3ad ot INEILCR anyINing Tt USers can regenerate automaicaly from oiher pars o he Gonesponding Sourco The Corfesponding Source for Work in Source code o tha sam work 2. Basic Permisions ANl ights graned undar tis Licanso are graned fr tho tarm of copyright on the Program and arevocable provided th staed conctions o mat. Ths Licanse axplily aflims your unimied permisson o un o unmodiled Program. Th ouput rom ruing a covered work s coverad by tis Lcans oy 1o outpt v S Content consiues a covered work. This LIcense acknowiedges your nghtsof flf s or iher equivalen s prowidod by copyignta You may mak run and p0pagals Covered Works hat you 6o N Coey wiNout CONGtons so ong as your canso ciherwise emains n 0rce. You may convey Covered WOrks 0 oinersfo o S0io pupose of havig tham make modiicatons exclusvely 0r You or ovide you Wi faciities 0r NG Thoso WOIKS provded hat you Comply wih tho tarmsof s Licans n conveying al material or which you 6o ot conrol opyright Thoso thus making of AN the covered Wors for you must o S0 GxciUsively on Your bahal under you dfoction and Conrolon efms nat PGNI hem 70 making any copies f your Copyrighted mataral oUSIGe thol rolationsnlp Wil you.Conveylng Ungar any ofherCcumstances i perMitod saely under 1o Concions stated balow. SUBIcensing i ot alowed section 10 makes It unnecessary3. Protectng UsersLogal FIGRS From AiGIcumynion LaviNo Covered wor nall e eemed par f an efiectv fechnoiogical measure under any appicabi law uling obigatons under arice 11 of tne WIPO Copyrignt reaty adopted on 20 December 1996 o SIaraws pIGnIIg o fesricting Crcumventin of Such meSUres.WHen you convey a CoVered WOrk you Walva any 693l Pow 1 0l Crzumvertin of 12ChNOogIca MEasLIes 1o ha EXENt S CUMYENToN 5 eciad by SXBIUSINg s Undar s LIense W FaSpect 0 Tha Covered k. and you aSciam any Inanton o Imi operato of moGfcaln of he Work 26 a means af eniorcing aganst e WOIs Usrs you o I parteslgal gh 1 101l clizumventin of techopica Measuros. . GonveyIng Veroatim Gopls. Yo may Convey verbaim copes o he P1ograis source codo a5 You r6cave i I any medlum provided it you Consplcuously and appropriaely pubish on each copy an appropriaie copyright noice keep iniact all otces tating hat s License and any nonpermiSSe terms aced n accora wih SECon 7 apply 0 he Cog Keep Nt il atces of the apsence of any Warraniy and ge all ciIents a Copy o s License aong Wi e PO You may charge any Brice or 1o pice o 6ach copy hat You COMYeY. and you may fer SUpPOr o WarTanty rotecion for a 1265 Convaying Maaled SouIce Version.You may convey a Work Gased o he PIogram o e madlaians 0 praguce L 1om he Program i 1 fom f Saurce cad Lngar the terms of Section 4 provged Tha you aiso maet alof 1 condionsa The Work st Cary prominant ices tatng hatyou madified f 3nd guing a relevant Gaieb The WorK mUSt Ay promingnt Noicas saing hat 1 eieased under this LIcen and any Conaitons aoded undar sacion 7. IS fequirement modiies he 9quiramant n SeCLon 0 X369 NIact all NOLcas You MUSLICANSA The Snl Work a5 a WAGIe U 1 LIZ2nSa 0 anyone W Coms Mo possassion of capy. TN Licanse wil narefore agpy al0ng Win any appicabie ecion 7 aadional 1rms 1 T2 Wnole of the work and a5 pars tegarcess of o ey a7 packagea. TN LIzense GVes o pEISSIGn 0 cansa 11a Work n any other aybu 0 ot INVIGaIa Such pBATISSIon You have Separaialy Bcaived 1.0 e Wrk has INacive User Ieraces each must islay ApBroprale Logal Noices however i he Program has Inferacva ntriaces thatco notcisiay ADproprite Logal Noicas your wark ns nat make tham do 50 compIaIn of CoVeraa Work Wih oiher Separats ndBpencen Works WG ar Gt by B a1 eXGnsions f he cavered Work. and WIEh ar ol Cmbined Wi Such 2 0 form a arger program on a voumo of a tcrago or stnbuton meau i called an aggregale e CompHaton and s esuling COpYTIGNt ar not s 10 i he access o legal g o he ComgIaNoN users boyon what i IN3IGUal WErKS porTi INSSIaN of 2 covered Work In an aggragate Aogs Nt causo his Lizense 0 apply 0 he athe pars of he aggrogate.. Conveying NonSourca Forms. You may convey a Goverad Wark n Gbjoct o for Unger tha Terms of Sacions 4 nd 5 provcd that yo iso canvey the machinereadable Corresponding SOUIT ndar he 81 of IS Licanse i on of 658 Waysa Ganvey the abjct cods i or emoocled in physial rocuc nelucng a physical dsviuion medium. accompanied by ihe Gorespanding Source ied on a durable physcal medium customary usad f0f Softva ntarchange.b Gonvey the object code n o embadied I physical proouctncluding a physcaldSiuton medlu accompanied by wrte ofter val for at east e years and vald for as1ong as you ofer spare pars or Customer suppor o hat roguct model 0 gve anyone who possassos the oject code oner 1 a Copy of the Corresponding Source for al he Software n the productat i Covered by ns Licnse on a durabl physicalmedluf Cusiomarly Us9d fr Sofware nfrchange 0f a price i more han your reasonabla cost of pysical pertoming s conveying o source o 2 access 0 copy he Coespanding Source from a natwork saver at no chargec Convey Iniaualcoples f the objct code wih a Copy oftha witen o 0 provdo he Gresponding Sourco. Tis aernat alowed only occasionally and noncommercia and only ou 0coved he cojoct code wih such an afern accora Wihsubsecton b o Gonvay the object code by ferng access fom a designated pace arats o fo a Charge and ofer equivalant acces 1 tha Corrosponding Sourc i e Same way hrough he samo place a o frtierCharge. You need Nt agul recfents 0 copy he GaraspaANg Source aong wih he object code. he placo 0 copy the abjoct oo 1s network server the Gorresponding Sourco may be on a dfarent sorvr operaled by You or a 1 parytha suppITs EQUNalentcopying acilios pToved you malntaln cloarcractons nex 0 e abjoc codo saying wherot fnd he Corresponding Source. Ragardiess of what servr host o Corfosponding Souce you remai ablgaied 0 nsure tha 15 avalablofo 35 long 35 NeGed 0 SaISI S QUICMENS.e Goney The GBjec code USIng PaGLpaer 1ZnsMISSIn praiced You I her PaBrs Whare T bjact o and COTESponGIng SGUTCe o he Wark are Deing frea 1 4o general pUDIC a1 1o Charge Under SUBSECTon 6d.A separabie porlon of e Gbjoct cade WAGse S0uIz0 co0 I exciuded 1om o GOSpONAING SOUICO as a System LIYary Need not b NGB n canveying 1ho bject oo Work AUser PrOGLC s aihar 1 3 Consum proBuct which means any tangle perscnal poperty which s nomaly used fo personal amiy of household puTposes of 2 anyihing designed or Sl for Incorporaton o a aweling.In Getermining WhEInGr a pogUct s 3 Consumar praguc doubil Cases shall D raSoived 1 favr of Coverage. For paricur procLCtrecened by Tcua User Tarmal Used f1ar 0 a ypcal o Common s of na cass of oG ragardess of e SIIUS o he parIcuIr USBF o o he Way n WNCh e parcar user actaly USesor XpeCt o 5 Xpectod 0 Use 1N PIOBUCE. A PGLE IS ConSUMBY prOGLCtFagarciess f whainar he proGlct s SUDSIZntal Commarcil INGUSHTal O NonConSUM USGS LSS SUCh USES Fapresant 1 only Sfcant Mad of use of e product Ansialaton Infomation for a User Product maans any meimods procedures aUTnarzalon kays or oiner Information raguired o Insial and axacute modlied versions of coverad work 1 hat User Proguct m modifed versan o s Corresponcing Saurc. T Iforiaion MUstSUTIce 0 ensure hal e conned fUnconing o he modlled objectcoda s o Casa preventa or Itererad Wi solely because macifcalon nas been mace. you convey an object code work under TS secton i r il or spocically for s i User ProUct and the Conveying OGCU a5 partof a ansacton n WhiCh h rghtof possession and uso o he User Product s ranstered 1 o facplent In perpaufy o or o 19 10garcies of Pow th tansacton s characterze he Corresponcing Source Conveyed under i socion must bo accompanled by the nstalaton Infomatin. But 1S requiramant dos not apply naihr you nor any thid partyreains the abity 0 nstall modited cbjact cado on tha Usar Product or exarmple he wark has Doen nsialled In FOM.Th roguirement 0 povioe Insiallaton Information doss ot incug a 19quraman 0 contnue 0 Provide SupportSenice waanty r Upgaies for a work nat nas been macified or Instaled by e recpin o far e USer PIoduCt i Whch t has baen maried r Intallec Acoess 10 3 natWrk may be derled when tha modifcaion Sail materaly and acversaly aacts 1 operalon oftha REOWDrk or Va2 1 fles and pratocals for commuicaian actoss e nemork Cormesponcing Source canveyd ana InSialaon INoMaton proviced h 30C0rd W TS SGcton MUst be n 2 format ha s publety documentad and Wi an mpiamartaton avallabi T 1o PUDIE n oL code arm And MUst QU o SpECal pasSHOror Ky fo UNDACKING BAAING o Copying. 7. AGGonal Terms. Adalional permissions are trms nat sugpIament he erms of s Lcensa by making EXC2ptons 1o ona o more of s Conailons. AJGLoN pariSSions hatare applcable 0 e Snira Program snall D TGalad 25 Though they Were nclud In TN License 1 o exiantnat they a val Under appiacle . 1 doonal paImISSions agplyany 0 part of o Program na part may be used soparatoly Undr hoso DorTISSons DU he Gntre Program fomains governa by tis LCenso wNoutregarc 0 the addiional panissons WWhan you Convey 2 copy of CoVerag Wk yo ay a your plon remove iy adcional paTiSsons oM 1nat copy. o fom any part of . AGltonal parmiSslons may be writen o Faqure horr oun fomovaln ceriin 2585 When you Modiy tha Work You ay pace aacanal permiSsions on matera a0dec By you 10 3 Covered Work 1ar WG You hava o Ga gVe 2peropriie Copyrght pemisson. NGRWnSIanding any GINe proVSn of s License for materalyou acd 13 COYBred Wik you may 1 auinoized by he copyrght nolders of ihat matera upplement he ters of i Licanse wi trmsa Discaiming waranty o mitng labity difaranty romthe terms of sactons 15and 16 f s Liconse rt Reauiing proservation f spaciid reasonabie lagal notces o auihor iioutons n hat materal o i the Approprate Logal Noices isplayed by Works conianing f orc Pronibitng misteprosentaton o the orgnof that materao roquring thal modifed versions of such mateial bo markad I reasanable ways a diferon 1om the original versian ord LITFIng he uss or PUDICHY pArposes o namos ofcensors or aulfors o the maeril ore Decling 0 grant nights under rademark awforuso of soma trado namas tradomarks o sendce maksor Flequiing Indomoficato f Icansors and authors of nat mateial by anyone who conveys i matetal of modifeq Versions of Wi contractual assumpilons of ablty 0 he recipentfo any labily hat 10050 Coniractual assump1ons lfactly mposo an tnos lcansars and authors Al oher nonpermisive adiional torms are cansiderod Turihr resinctons Wihintho Meaning of secton 10 he Program 25 you fecoled . o any par of i contins a natco staling ihat 11 Governed by this Lcense aong W a arm at s a ffthe restfcon you may famove na fom. I a iconse documontcontans a uther resICIon but pamis ralicansing orconveying undor s Liconso you may acd 1 a covered work materal govermod by th tams of it lcanso GocuMen rovided that th futhr 19STICon 600S ot surVie Such rallcansing or Conveying 1 ou 306 a7 0 3 COVer Work i o W s Sactio you must place n th relevant ource les a statement of he addiionaltoms hat agply 0 hoso s o a oico ndicating whore 10 1nd the appcableterms. AdGlional s permissiv of orvperisiv may be stated n h form of a separaioly Wren IGonse o Saled a5 GXCOPTONS ho abov fegulreMants apply ofher way 8. ToInaton You may Nt propagate o modlty a Coverad wGrk eXCOpt a5 Sxpressly provided undar s Licensa. Any atompt oiherwise 10 propagate of modity s vola and wil auomatically teminato you ights under s Lcenso Inciuaing any patent censes gfanied Ungar he i paragraph ofsecton 11 Howovor yu coase all ilatn of s Liconso tha your cense from a partcular copyright oldor i roinstatod a provisional unless and unil he copyight haldor explcly and tinaty torminates your icense and pormanenty 1o copyrightholde als 1 noiy you of the Vidalon by sama roasonabie means prio 10 60 days aftr the cossaton MoreoverYour Iconse fom a paricuar copyright Holde i ronstated parmanontly he Copyrght oloer s you o he woalon by Somo feasonable means s s o firt ime you havo raceived notco of violaon o this License 1or any work romtha copyright hckr and you cure the Voaton pror 1 30 days after you ecelp o he nolic.Torminaton of your ghts under s secton does o erminae 1 censes o paries Who havo faceivod Copie of TGS 1o you undor ns Licens. fyourights have boen torminated and not pormananty fensated you do ot qualiy o racelve new icenses fo he same matoril under Secion 10.9. Accoptance Not Required fo Having Goples You are n guirad 0 accept s Licanse n odor 0 acefv of 1un a copy of ho Program. AncIary propagaton of Covered work occurig soloy as Consaquence of using peer1o peor ransmision o ocalve a copy Ikewise doas ot require accopiance. However Nofing onr than i LIcanSe Grans You pormision 0 propagate or Moty any coverod work. These actons nfinge copyigh you do not accapt i Liconse. Thereore by modinying or OpAgatig a Covereg WOk you Indcate your accoptance of s Licens 0 60 50.10. Automatic Licansing of Downsiream Reciplents Each tme you convey a covered work 10 fociplen automatcal recoles a lcensa fom he original censarsf fun modiy and propagato hatwork SUDJact 0 tis Lcense. You aro ot responsile for anforcing compliance by T pares Wi tis Lcense.An enty ransacton s transacton transtering contolof an organizatn or substantially ai assets of e o SubdIcing an 1GaNZaon of MergIng OTganiZatons. i rOpAgalon o a Covered Work 1S 1M an enty ansacton e2ch party 10l ANSACtoN WD F6CONES a copy f he Work aso 19CoNES whatever IEonsoS 1 1o Work ho patys ogacesSaY n Iteres had or could gve uncdor the previous paragraph pus a ignt 10 pOSSSSin of e COrTeSpONGING SOUTC of 1o WOIK 10 100 EeCoSso n mores I he predecossor s ofcan get 1 Wi feasonable o0rs Y0u may not mposo any furthe reIctons an the exercio of o righs graned or afrmed undor s Licanse. For eXampl you may not Imposo a icanso e foyatyor ciherchargo for axercise o ghis grantod under i Liconse and you ay no nato igaton RCcing a crosscaim or Countarca n 2 awsuf allegng that any paient ciaim s ifinged by making usng selngoferngforsaoor Imporing e PToram o any porton of .11 Patents.AContribfor s copyrigt Roldar o autnorzes use uncor i Licansa of i Prograim o a Work on whicthe Program i basod. Tho work thus licansad i cal the conrouiors contbutor version A Contipuors 6ssental patontclaims e al paent claims owned of coniiod by the contIDuIowhether aliady acqud ofnareafr acquted hat o be Inrngod by Some marnar permitied by s Lcenso of making using o seing s contbutor verson ut 6o ot Incud claims that would b nfinged only a5 a consgqUeNCe f furner mdication of e CoRYIBUY Varsian. For pArpCsas of i Geffon Conyor Incugs th fght 0 ant patant subIcansos i a manne consistant wih o fequlrements f this Lconsa. Each coniroutor orats you a norexcusive wOridwid foyalToe patot Icenso undar the ConUIBuICYs essontalpatent ciams o make ue sl e for sal mport and aihanwisfun madity and Popagate e Contents of s CONUHDULCY verson i he 10WNg 1o paragraphs a patont IGense s any EXpros agfeement or commimant howver denominated Nt 0 onorce a patent such a5 an oxpross permission 10 pracice a palentor covenant not 0 sue 0 patent nfigomart. To Qran Sich a patant Kcenso fo pary Means 1o Make Such an agreamant of ComMAMeNt Rt o enforce a paent agaist he pary. You CoNVGY a Covered work kKowIngly flyng on a patent ense and the Corresponcing SauTce of ho work s ot avalabl fo anyone o copy 100 of chargo and under ho terms o this Lcense hrough a pulicy avalable network sarvr o i readly accessibie means 1hon you must e 1 cause o Corresponding Sourc 1 be S0 avaiale o 2 atange fo deprve YOUrSlf o the benaft of he patot Iconss for this paricular work of 3 arange ina mannar consisient i e reqUIGMeNs of S Lic2nse. 1 6Xiand e paientcans 10 GouNSIream r2CRIeNs. KnowIngy elyng MSaNs you Nave actual Knowiedge hat U e paient cense your Conveying e Coverea WOrk I 3 CoURyof Your Bcipants Use of he Coverad work i a couny Would Infinge one o more Genifabia patants i it Couriry that you have reason 1o bolleve aro vall I prsuant 0 0 n connoction with a sngl ansacton or arangomert you COney. o propagale by Procuing CONVeYanco o CoVered Work and grant a paent iconse 0 5omo of o partie FacoVINg the CoVered WOrk aufoiing hem 1 uso popagate Moy ofConey a spacc Capy o he covered Work en tha paent Icanse you grant s automaicaly extanded 1o al 160IGNI af 1 covered Work and wors based o 1A patent oanse s scrminatory 1 does ot Incic W 11 Scope f S CVBrage OIS he GBS f o IS Conaioned on e NonGXeIESe of o of mare af he nghts hataro specically ranted Uner s License. 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The Free Softwaro Foundaton may pudlsh rovied andior new versions o he GKU Ganeral PUDlcLicense rom me 0 tme. Such now versons wil ba Smiar in pit 10 he prosent verson but may Gifr i detal 0 a0aross new problms or concorns.Each version s given a lsnguishing verson numbar.f he Progeam speclos tat a conain numberac Vrsian of he GNU General PUDHE Lcensa 0 any atr version 3ples 01 you Rave e optio of fllowi th terms and condiions he of hat numbarad VBTsion o o any aiar verson publsned by The Froe Somware Foundaton. 112 Program 60es not Spacy a vrsian numar of 1he GNU General PUDIC LIGSnss you may chaose any version aver publsned by tha Fr00 Software Foundaton.f he Program speciios that a proxy can decide which futuf Versions ofiho GNU General PUBlc Liconse can bo usod iat poxys publc Staement of accaptance of a vrsion permanently auiharizes yo 1o chaose it varsionfr he Prograrm Lator lconse versions may give you adafionalor itoront pemissions. Howster o addiional oblgalons are mposed on any author o copyriahtholde as a Fasul ofyour chaosing 10 follow a atr vrsion 15 Disclamer of Warfanty.THERE IS NO WARRANTY FOR THE PROGRAN TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLIGABLE LAW. EXCEPT WHEN OTHERWISE STATED IN WRITING THE. COPYRIGHT HOLDERS ANDIOR OTHER PARTIES PROVIDE THE PROGRAM AS IS WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND EITHER EXPAESSED OF IMPLIED INGLUDING BUT NOT LIVITED TO. THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERGHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FO A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. THE ENTIRE RISK AS TO THE QUALITY AND PERFORMANGE OF THE PROGRAM IS WITH YOU. SHOULD THE PROGRAM PROVE DEFEGTIVE YOU ASSUME THE COST OF ALL NEGESSARY SERVIGING REPAI OR CORREGTION. 16 Lmfalon of LiaoiyIN NO EVENT UNLESS REQUIRED BY APPLIGABLE LAW O AGREED TO IN WAITING WILL ANY GOPYRIGHT HOLDER OFt ANY OTHER PARTY WHO MODIFIES ANDIOR GONVEYS THE PROGRAM AS PERMITTED ABOVE BE2 LIASLE TO YOU FOR DAMAGES INGLUDING ANY GENERAL. SPECIAL INGIDENTAL O CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF THE USE O INASILITY TO USE THE PROGRAM NCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO LOSS OF DATAOR DATA BEING RENDERED INACCURATE OR LOSSES SUSTAINED BY YOU OFt THIRD PARTIES O A FAILURE OF THE PROGRAM TO OPERATE WITH ANY GTHER PROGRAMS EVEN IF SUGH HOLDER OR OTHER PARTY HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUGH DAMAGES.17. Intepretaton of Sectons 15 and 15.1 he isciaimer of warranty and Imiaton o labifty provded above cannot b given loca logal efect accordig o el s eviowing cours shal apply 1callaw hat mos cosel approxmates an absoluto waiver of all i abity I Connecion Wi the Program Uness a warranty or assumgHon ofIabity accompanies a copy f the Program n ot 1or 2 100.END OF TERIS AND CONDITIONSHOw 0 Agply Theso Torms Your Now Programsi you develop a now poggar and you want 110 00 f 1o reatest possin uso 11 puBlic 1 bestway 10 achieve s 0 make I e Software Which averyono can rediinout and changs undar heso fems.To do s0atach he 01oIng NoNes fo 1o prograrm. 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Ao a0d Ifomatn on how 10 Contactyou by olectonic and papar maiL i ne program 400 tormina Infraction make i QIput a short N 1Ko 1S Wh I Stats i an Interactivo mode prograim COpyright C yoar name of author Tis program comos with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. 0r detal ype Show .. Ths i o0 sotuare and you o welcome 1 edisiu under ceian condiions o show for erals. e hypomedical commancs Shaw w ana Snow Shoud Shaw The approprale parts of e General PUBI LIGense. Of o your rogramys commands might b Gferent o a GUI Iiarace you would Use an ab0ut box Permission is hereby granted free of charge to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files the Software to deal in the Software without restriction including without limitation the rights to use copy modify merge publish distribute sublicense andor sell copies of the Software and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so subject to the following conditions The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.