This is the 6th one reported missing now :(

This is the 6th one reported missing now :( | data-memes, internet-memes, IT-memes, ide-memes |
data-memes, internet-memes, IT-memes, ide-memes |

[text] stedsoul21967 LOST Have you seen this packet Responds to the call echo Frame 5891 78 bytes on wire 624 bits 78 bytes captured 624 bits on interface enp6se id Interface id 0 enpe lation type Et al Time D Time shift for this packet Epoch Time 1 370435164 seconds Time delta from previous captured frame G L Internet Control Message Protocol Time delta from previous displayed frame R e ce or first frame 491.4 B Tine since ORI TR R i o 0 Frame Length 78 bytes 624 bits e 3 Good Identifier BE 14979 0 Identifier LE T bits thertype ipicmpdata ST LTI T N No response seen Data 36 bytes Travelling from 18c04d0454b8 to approx. 6 hops from here going via 00e2693e73ed But it never arrived expected about 14ms ago. No reward offered but would like to know if you saw it. Contact me VLAN 4