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RFC2322 compliant DHCP server

RFC2322 compliant DHCP server | tech-memes, server-memes, network-memes, IT-memes |
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[text] Techinc RFC 2322 DHCP Server This is the REC 2322 DHCP server for Techinc. For devices that are unable to use the normal . DHCP protocol to get an IPv4 address you can assign an IP by using one of these clothes peg. Ia e the clothes peg from this sheet and attach it to the network cable of the device for wireless devices r ey A7 P attach it to the device directly. Then set the IP of the device to the address on the peg. The gatewav. ol dns and netmask can be found below. G When you are done using the IP please return the peg to the DHCP server. je 5 2 N ol Wired Wireless IPs Gateway DNS Netmask