No, deb, you can’t use “password123”…

No, deb, you can’t use “password123”... | hacker-memes, password-memes, IT-memes |
hacker-memes, password-memes, IT-memes |

[text] TIME IT TAKES A HACKER TO BRUTE FORCE YOUR PASSWORD IN V. T Numbers Upper Numbers Upper Lowercase and Lowercase and Lowercase Letters Letters Letters Symbols Number of Characters VLT Numbers Only e OBl EAnlh 3days 3 weeks ERulLIGH 2 hours BNl 3years 34 years P PX B PRI P 3k years LR 2 months 1k years A pPLVIQYE 3 mins 4 years 64k years 750k years 16m years 32 mins 100 years 3m years 46m years 1bn years LIS 3k years 173m years 3bn years 92bn years 2 days 69k years 9bn years VAL BYEE 1 VARl AV 2m years 467bn years 11tn years 438tn years hivesystems.iopassword